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Pool Opening News
Swim Season is Here!
With the opening of the pool, we wanted to make you aware of some key news this season.  The board met this week and decided, due to some unforeseen circumstances, that we would be moving forward without the traditional Pool Manger position this year.

We don’t anticipate you noticing much of a difference on a day-to-day basis as we have several key head guards returning, but it will create more work and planning for our all-volunteer board members.  We will be reaching out for your help keeping an eye on the club and would welcome your questions, concerns and feedback with regard to the facility and the lifeguard staff.  You can best reach the board by using the contact us feature through the Board Member Icon within the Member Dashboard.

Or use this link: https://shadowcliffswimandtennis.com/contact-form-member-only/

We will do our best to address concerns in a timely manner.  (We’d also welcome any positive feedback you have!)

One way you can help out is to limit cash transactions and begin to purchase Guest Passes and Concession credits through our website shop page:


We have priced guests and concessions so that you get more for your money by purchasing online and you save our volunteer treasurer and bookkeeper the “behind the scenes” time it takes to facilitate and account for cash transactions.


This summer, guests will be $7 per guest when paying at the lifeguard stand.  Members can still pay $5 per guest when purchased online.   Guest passes don’t expire, so feel free to purchase a few extra.


You can also purchase ‘Snack Shack’ credits through our online shop.  Similar to guest passes, these don’t expire and can be used for concession items at the lifeguard stand.   Again, purchasing online will give you bonus credit, so you are getting more and you are helping us out.  Win – Win!



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